The Denver Metro Area is currently experiencing a very competitive market!  Inventory is currently very low and demand is high.  One factor attributing to this, is the rapid population growth we are currently experiencing.

The Denver Metro Area is the 6th fastest growing city in America in 2015,  according to Forbes Business .  ​This increase in population is likely due to a higher than average job growth rate and a relatively low unemployment rate.  

As a result of the growing market, rental prices are increasing at an extraordinary rate.  The Denver Metro Area rent increase were among the highest in the nation in 2015.  Additionally, vacancy rates are abnormally low, leaving less options for renters.  These factors have lead many individuals, who were otherwise happy renters, to enter into the process of buying a home.

Investors are also key players in the current market!. The increase in rental prices are appealing, luring new investors as well as seasoned investors to build their portfolios. Most individuals purchasing a home will be competing with investors when writing an offer in this market. Investors often write cash offers, which can be difficult to compete with.  As a result, many properties are selling for over asking price in this market.

In this highly competitive market you will need an agent that is knowledgeable, reliable and able to communicate effectively! We have worked with buyers, sellers and investors under the current market conditions. We are confident that regardless of your needs we will be a great asset to you in your real estate transactions.

 We know ways to make your offer stand out without an outrageous increase in purchase price!

Let’s face it. Selecting the right property is one of the most important decision you’ll ever make. Likewise, selling a property requires you to make decisions that are greatly important to your future.  You need experts on your side advocating for you!  We will keep you informed throughout every step of the real estate process, allowing you to make the most informed decisions for your future.  We are here to guide you through each step of the process, easing your stress and protecting your investment!

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Our values and ethics always come first! We are passionate about our work and committed to helping others. We understand that each client's needs are unique, we take the time to listen, and do our best to help each client individually achieve their goals. We are honest, knowledgeable and confident in our abilities to exceed your expectations!


Not having a lot of luck searching for properties on popular sites?  Thats because many of the most popular search engines are not updated regularly from the Multiple Listing Services that Real Estate Brokers use to list and search properties.

Our free Self Property Search tool links you to the most up to date database ensuring that your searches are accurate and up to date.

Let us go to work for you! Start by filling out our Broker Property Search Form.  We will compare your criteria to available properties, and send you information on properties you might be interested in.

Property search tools are not just for buyers! It's not a bad idea for sellers to be informed of what properties are available and have recently sold in their neighborhood.   The appraisal of a property is determined by the most similar, recent comparable properties in the neighborhood.

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