Neutralize your home.  You may love your avocado green kitchen, however, bright or bold colors may not appeal to many buyers.  Neutral paint colors are recommended.  Painting is one of the least expensive ways to change the appearance of your home.

Time to handle any small maintenance issues you may have. This can include: caulking, repairing door locks, replacing the furnace filter, etc. 

Deep clean and sanitize your home!  ‚ÄčOf course you will need to thoroughly clean your kitchen and bathrooms. Additionally, windows, baseboards, ceiling fans/lights may not get cleaned as frequently as other areas of the home.  What about the inside of your refrigerator?  Buyers will be paying attention to those details.

Preparing to Sell your home

Modernize your home!  You don't need to rush out and buy all new appliances, however you may want to consider small updates.  Replacing or adding hardware to your kitchen or bathroom, for instance, is an inexpensive way to update your home.

Declutter your home!  This includes: closets, storage spaces and garages as well as the general living area.  Clearing out unnecessary items and clearing off counter tops  will open up you home, making it appear to have more storage. You may even consider temporary offsite storage.

Curb appeal is important!  A buyer gets their first impression from the exterior of your home. Trimming, raking, shoveling or planting, depending on season, will help you home to appeal to buyers.

Depersonalize your home.  Buyers want to picture themselves living in the home, rather than your family.  

Let there be light!  Open your windows and turn on your lights.  Bright open spaces appeal to buyers, dark dreary ones do not.